2014 – March
Custom Triptych – 1967 Porsche 911

A while back I had an opportunity to take some pictures of my friend’s 1967 Porsche 911. I created a triptych from the photos consisting of a 3/4 front view, a 3/4 back view and a side profile of the Porsche. I mounted them in a 16×20 black frame with an 11×14 opening in the mat. The individual pictures will sell for $250.00 USD and the triptych will sell for $700.00 USD.

I am happy to create this “style” for YOU on a commission basis using YOUR photos! Each painting (view) is $200.00 USD without framing. Framing options are available and cost depends on your presentation needs.

– Steve



2014 – February
Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car Magazine #104

Steve and his watercolor paintings are being featured in the April 2014 issues of Hemmings ‘Sports & Exotic Car’ Magazine. Grab your copy today and read all about it! Here is Steve’s interview titled, A New Start. Check out his page below!

While art has always been valued by society, the vast majority of artists typically find it exceedingly difficult to earn a living following their creative bliss; knowing this, it’s extraordinary to learn of an artist who has walked away from a lucrative traditional field to focus solely on creating art. This was the bold choice of the Overland Park, Kansas, resident and former managing partner in an architectural firm, Steve Turley, who struck out on his own to follow his love of automotive fine art.

“I have always been a watercolor painter/artist, but have also always enjoyed cars,” he explains. “I have been painting a lot over the last couple of years, and cars have been my main topic. It’s been a challenge to start a second career, but it’s been rewarding to follow my passion.”

Steve has found a niche with his warm and evocative “car portraits,” his paintings of cars’ front ends. “I have been doing a number of commissions, and I really enjoy them because it is fun seeing what other people’s passions are. I have painted cars, motorcycles, boats and even vacation homes,” he says. “My automotive paintings are not just about the car, but the way people see their cars. This is who we are.”